The safari jacket, wore by Hemingway and now an iconic jacket in the Pal Zileri wardrobe

Trends by on 26 March 2014

The fashion world seems to have already invented everything, so every day we see the attempt to reinvent; the fashion scene is made of come backs, more frequent in the men’s wardrobe than the women’s one. The spring summer collection from Pal Zileri sees the return of the iconic saharian jacket.

One of the main admirers from the past was the writer Ernest Hemingway; he had it expecially produced by Abercrombie Fitch, today worldwide known for the sweatshirts. Other personalities from the past are for example  Roger Daltrey, who in 1975 wore it while filming  “Tommy”, movie realised by Ken Russell, based on the 1969 album by Daltrey and his companions the “Who”. The plot tells the story of little Tommy, who became autistic after the killing of the father, who after winning a championship playing flipper undergoes a path of spiritual asceticism. This movie became a manifesto of a decade of rebellion. Two icons of English elegance, such as Prince Charles and Roger Moore in James Bond, preferred to wear instead the shirt version, called bush shirt. In the 70’s Yves Sant Laurent designed  whole collection of complete saharian outifts for men and women.

This safari jacket – or safarienne in French – was initially born as outfit for the English army, infact not by chance it was made in cotton drill, a very resistent fabric. Characterized by 4 pockets with flap and a high belt, it was an immediate success and civilians started to wear it. Since then, many fashion houses showed this special garment in their collections and for spring summer Pal Zileri shows an elegant perforated suede version, ideal to be worn by the stylished men at the weekend. Much more city like the brown version, with 4 patch pockets and a small pocket on the sleeve, possibly belted for a more formal look. Details always make the

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