The elegance of the Pal Zileri man on New Year’s Eve

Trends by on 20 December 2013

In the every day busy schedule of the comtemporary dandy the work commitments are incresingly intrusive and the spare time becomes a luxury; it is often dedicated to family life only.It is quite rare to have time for special events to go to, and in these occasions the evening outfit is the tuxedo. If we do not consider the opera and the charities dinners it will be quite rare to have the occurrance to wear it, apart from of course, new year’s eve.


This year, the Pal Zileri man prefers not to wear the classic black tuxedo but he opts for an elegant version with sartorial details and over checks (rigorously made in Italt). In the autumn-winter collections the tartan has been the main fashion trend, the bordeaux and green berries checks in the Pal Zileri collection have been a stylish choice. The revers in the jackets are semi gloss while the bowtie (strictly knotted by hand) is black, the shirt is white and here you are starting off the new year in style.


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