Pal Zileri opens the new eshop

Menswear by on 14 November 2012

To all Pal Zileri followers: Pal Zileri opened their new ecommerce site a few months ago. A great novelty which takes into account the growing trend of buying clothing online (as well as technology), according to a trend that is expected to grow of 18% in 2012 in Italy.


The online Pal Zileri store sells in France, Italy, Germany and UK. It is made up of two macro – areas: a section devoted to formal suits and one dedicated to a casual/sporty mood.


The navigation is easy, and can be accessed directly from this link or from the Pal Zileri corporate website, where you can access the page from the homepage; if you go on the site, firstly you can choose the type of mood you prefer and then if you want to buy formalwear or casualwear.


From then the reasearch narrows down by selecting the garments you want to view according to two criteria: the first one suggests the categories available to purchase (suits, shirts, jackets, trousers, knits and accessories); the second option is to create your own look browsing the Pal Zileri look book, coming across the different combinations in the catalogue and taking inspirations from the images.


You can also find an easy and comprehensive guide to all sizes and how to take measuraments. We are looking forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.

Enjoy your shopping!

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