James Bond, 50 years of a myth

News by on 6 November 2012

The identification number of the world’s most famous secret agent is 007, the year of birth is 1952, the novels written by its inventor Ian Fleming are 15, the actors playing James Bond in the sequels are 6,  the film makers involved are 10 (the first was Terence Young, the last Sam Mendes). The latest release of the movie “Skyfall” was on 26th October 2012 in its birthplace London. These are the numbers rotating around the biggest myth of all times: James Bond.

“I admire your fortune, mister…” “Bond, James Bond”: this brief exchange, that anyone has at least tried it once in front of the mirror, marked the beginning of an adventure that still carries on; since the era of the Soviet threat came to an end, there have been new enemies in the kingdom of her Majesty. The first on the big screen was Sean Connery, who has interpreted for up to seven times and has become the benchmark, rather bulky, of all the subsequent Bond: George Lazenby for only one film, Roger Moore, who holds the record with seven titles, Timothy Dalton only twice, Pierce Brosnan four and the current Daniel Craig, more physical and less stereotyped, now in its third movie. It is difficult to choose your favorite, James Bond is the only action hero to catch the female audience. He is a true playboy capable to seduce with elegance, english humor, sophisticated habits – blent Martini – and some expressions are still famous: “There are things that absolutely you can not do. For example drinking Dom Perignon ’53 at a temperature above 4 degrees centigrade. It would be far worse than to listen to the Beatles without plugs in the ears”. Bond has been married for not even a movie – the episode in “in the service of his majesty” – and many women from many nationalities have fallen for him, even Queen Elizabeth succumbed to his charm at the Olympic opening ceremony.

James Bond is one of the most influential icons of style of all times: he wears a tuxedo even under the wet suit. Fleming chose an understated and elegant gentleman to represent his character, to allow him to wear what he is not able to wear himself in real life.In the last decades Bond has been wearing Brioni, a gem of the Made in Italy, while in “Skyfall” he opted for Tom Ford, still produced in Italy. As spy, his look is purely essential: shirts in white silk and blue cotton, dark tie and bespoke jacket, with a rolex or an Omega on the wrist, flying away with his Aston Martin.

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