All crazy for the roll necks

Trends by on 23 October 2012

The past years have seen Hollywood celebrities in Rome, voluptuous scandinavian beauties, the economic growth and the wild nights in via Veneto, all echoing scenes of the movie “La Dolce vita” directed by Federico Fellini. In fact it is much more than a movie, it is the portrait of an era, an anthology of the costumes, an encyclopedic dictionary that has defined things and created a language; the word “paparazzo” was noted by Mastroianni when, after a night out he took home the blond diva Silvia to her hotel. The tight roll neck owes its fame to this movie, when the handsome and sexy Marcello Mastroianni wore it in few scenes. In the last century the roll neck has been worn by some of the most elegant men, from Tedd Kennedy to Vladimir Ashkenazy, mainly for informal occasions and often underneath a blazer. In the Pal Zileri collection the roll neck is statement look and it can be seen with checked jackets, black jackets, a suede jacket, and with wool shaved or wide braids. If you wear a roll neck you will have no need to use a scarf or a shirt underneath, it would be ridiculous to see the bulges, it would be better to wear it with an adherent t-shirt but it is impossible if you do not have a long neck. It is ideal combined with classic trousers, with casual trousers or even denim jeans; it is very easy to wear it with anything and it can be warn at all times as one of the greatest icons of cinema Marcello Mastroianni.


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