Dear old slippers

Menswear by on 18 October 2012

The slippers evoke the literary image of the aristocrat wearing a silk dressing gown at the end of the nineteenth century; you can literally imagine him next to his piano, in a beautiful sumptuous red velvet dining room, next to a few philopsophy books and Chinese porcelain. This dandy ambassador, to which the modern man always looks with admiration and a bit of nostalgia represent perfectly this shoe’s fashion trend. Slippers are ususally worn with tuxedos, often in velvet with embroidered initials, and are a statement for Autumn/ Winter, even for women that always want to be on trend. Usually worn with your tuxedo, slippers  are often in velvet with embroidered initials above, and represent objects of desire for Autumn/Winter 2012-13.  This trend, initially sported by men has now also been adopted by women. Jimmy Choo, the Malaysian footwear poet, has now introduced 6 new styles: in camouflage, in brown or grey with leopard prints, flowers or full of glitter; it is hard to pass unnoticed wearing them and their names really stand out, for instance “Sloane”. Entirely different the slippers shown by Charles Philip, combine traditional moroccan styles and english elegance shown in the quality materials and handmade details: rows of wool, tweed or wool twill are both smooth and with nappa. Giuseppe Zanotti prefers to enrich the silk and velvet styles with crystals: slippers completely covered by jewels, but there is also a bit of irony in the style called Super Hero featuring Spider man in  Swarovski crystals. More sober, but very unusual, the slippers made by the brand called Made in Italy Superglamourous specialising  in fit and comfort: they are made with the method “glove”, i.e. , the pieces are assembled inside out, it is then folded at the end of the process so as to ensure elasticity and comfort.  The young designer Riccardo Libertine doesn’t forget the aesthetic aspect, by merging all the charm of a classic shoe with the current trend, so next to the styles in calfskin in colors such as cream, green, purple, orange bordeaux and with nappa, appear here other embellished with golden studs, other tartan, in camouflage and in animal print, to conclude with the opulent pattern “Venice”.


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