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“A man is what he eats” said Feuerbach, but then a stylish man must eat with style, in the sense that he must eat properly, with manners. If he invites a lady for dinner, he should make sure that she will not regret accepting the invitation in the first place.

This technology will be handy in all situations:  if you need to choose a good restaurant, or if you have to cook a lovely dinner, here are 5 APPS that focus on various food dilemmas:

LA CUCINA ITALIANA: you can find recipes of the famous italian cuisine selected by chefs who can explain you how to prepare super easy and practical tasty dishes;

ICUOCO: 600 recipes organized into nine categories: appetizers, main dishes, rice, risotto, meat and fish, vegetables, soups, cakes, desserts. The method of preparation is explained step by step and is also indicated by the level of difficulty of each recipe; you also have the precise indications of the amount of ingredients in relation to the number of diners;

MY SOMMELIER: after cooking with care the dishes that you will be serving should not be ruined with a bad choice of wine. So for this an APP has been created by the Association of the Italian Professional Sommellerie which will be able to suggest the best wine according to your menu;

CIBANDO: thanks to this APP you can simply draw a circle on a map to locate the restaurants in the area and visit them virtually by accessing a rich gallery showing the restaurant and dishes; once you have made your choice you can call the restaurant directly to book;

ZUSHi: for those who enjoy the japanese cuisine here is the APP of the famous chain restaurants. You can simply order the food with delivery at your door step or book a take away with your Iphone.

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