Mr Grey’s staple wardrobe

Style Notes by on 2 October 2012

“Fifty Shades of Gray” has been the book of the summer. We read and talked about it in every way and in every possible location; from menus, to the books of the same genre that have been published, to rumors of a movie. There is no newspaper, website, or TV programme that has not talked about it.


Thinking about the stylish choices of the main character of the trilogy, we can evoke some looks from Autumn/ Winter collection which Mr Grey would certainly fit in his sophisticared wardrobe.


We know that Mr Grey is a young thirty year old with a refined taste in clothes, who loves tailor made suits and for this reason we selected some looks from the Pal Zileri book, and from the Lab.Pal Zileri book which Christan Grey would surely approve … perhaps even in the big screen?

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