The winter collection at Pal Zileri is just like in the Hitchcock’s movie

Menswear by on 26 September 2012

A man of style always shows great emotion in revising the old cinema that has made history, not only for the beauty and artistic value of the film, but also illustarting its aesthetic taste from the elegance of the movie stars from the past. In reference to Alfred Hitchcock’s movies, the stars of the past are mentioned and evoked by the elegance presented by Pal Zileri in the autumn/winter 2012-13. In the mid 40’s the German director produced great masterpieces and opened the chapter of American productions, making the history of american movies and working alongside icons; in 1946 Cary Grant performed as the secret agent in “Notorious – the lover lost”, he was 42 years old at the time and it was the apex of his career, and showed off his mature understated charm. Grant had already worked with Hitchcock in “International intrigue” and “To catch a thief “. The agent Devlin in the movie was shot at the back, showing off sleek and wide shoulders, very similar to the ones seen in Pal Zileri autumn/winter collection. It is also important to remember Richard Todd  with his elegantly held head dresses of Dior worn by Marlene Dietrich in “Fear in stage”. James Stewart starred in “Vertigo”, “Rear window” and then in “The man who knew too much”. The fabrics of their costumes are relived in the Pal Zileri collection with a modern key using  micro patterns and prince of wales. A chromatic research, but also the search for a man with spirit, in fact, the reference to the films of Hitchcock and also the settings of the new Pal Zileri campaign in which Joss Kloss is the main character. The settings are libraries, a villa which could be seen as the set of “international intrigue” in which they reproduced the furniture and architectural details of Frank Lloyd Wright. The characters in Hitchcock’s movies were men with a formal look,  never without a jacket and tie, but still  full of action, wearing wisely made garments to give them freedom of movement, like Pal  Zileri garments, comfortable but elegant.

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