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Style Notes by on 30 August 2012

“Reading makes a man complete”, so wrote the English philosopher Francis Bacon, a man renowned for his elegance that lived between the XVI and the XVII century; culture is much more than an indispensable accessory, not by chance Josh Kloss in the Pal Zileri Autumn/ Winter 2012 campaign has been shot in a stylish studio full of books. The brand is going to be the main sponsor at the National Prize of Literature Neri Pozza. This event is exclusively dedicated to poetry and Pal Zileri felt not only a geographical link as the publisher is from Vicenza, but in the values that represent supporting young talent and new ideas.
Here are a few tips on how to choose the right book at the library:

“Male habits and customs” (Publisher Bompiani): Thomas Fink, author of the cult “85 ways to knot a tie”, writes a small guide on how to knot the bow tie, shave impeccably, how to prepare a cocktail or open a bottle of champagne; a handbook to draw information for every situation and show the right gentlemen’s attitude.

“Watches” (publisher De Agostini): Paul De Vecchi and Alberto Uglietti lead us to the discovery to the 200 top watches of the twentieth century, from Patek Philippe to Rolex; explaining the history and focusing on curiosities, revealing sophisticated features and technical details that make the difference. The books has also a wide range of images of what is considered to be the accessory preferred by men.

“Alfa Romeo Giulia. 50thanniversary” (Publisher Nada): Ardizio Lorenzo tells the story of a true myth; the Giulia, born in 1962, this year celebrates its fifty years, this volume recounts the reasons that made it the success, as the controversial innovative design, elegance, and the sports career.

“Hermes. The adventure of the luxury” (publisher: Lindau): Federico Rocca, fashion editor of , tells the story of a brand, universally recognized as synonymous of luxury, which began in Paris in 1837 and has lasted until today by imposing its timeless elegance with accessories becoming icons. It is also an example of a family business in a world dominated by finance.

“The last playboy: the beautiful life of Porfirio Rubirosa, talented lover” (Publisher Dalai): this is the biography, curated by Shawn Levy, of THE playboy of the Twentieth Century. The intriguing domenican diplomatic and race car driver, between a mission and a race has found the time to seduce women as Rita Hayworth and Soraya. Not particularly handsome, but with great charm, its achievements are the best evidence that style is an invincible weapon.

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