Interview with Manuela Miola, marketing director at Pal Zileri

News by on 27 August 2012

On the set of the Autumn/ winter 2012-13 Pal Zileri campaign, Quaderno di Stile has had the opportunity to interview Manuela Miola, their Marketing Director. Mrs Miola has been revealing the latest news and the next big plans for the web.

Mrs Miola, could you please tell us how the brand was born?

At the end of the seventies Forall, the company behind Pal Zileri, was appreciated and renowned for the quality and creativity of its collection all across Italy. According to the owners, however, it was time to make a further step, establishing themselves as an easy recognisable brand for its stylistic identity. The brand name Pal Zileri was born from this intuition. A trademark that identified not just a designer, but a team guided at that time by Gianfranco Barizza’s ideas. Gianfranco Barizza was one of the company’s members.

32 years later from then, the data showed that it was the right choice, wasn’t it?

Exactly, you can just have a look at the sales fugures; today Pal Zileri is distributed in over 70 countries around the world, it can be found in more than 200 shops between flagships stores and shops in shops.
Italy represents our first market, covering alone approximately 25% of sales, the rest of the European continent reaches 52% and in particular the Russian market is in great growth.

Has the economic situation affected your growth?

No, during the last year we opened 10 stores between flagships and shop in shop, among which two in China and new ones are opening very soon in Moscow, St Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, and Lima.4)Why do you prefer to show the new collections with a presentation rather than a fashion show? Pal Zileri has shown at Milan Fashion week for few seasons, however, we thought that it wouldn’t be the right tool for such a traditional brand, the risk is to become boring, while a fashion show is something fresh. We might rather choose to show our younger line Lab.Pal Zileri at Milan Fashion Week, as it is more fashion orientated.

An increasing amount of people show interest in online shopping, is that a perspective that concerns you?

Absolutely, in September will be launch one of our virtual shop, but we will take into account the Pal Zileri’s character: our customers chooses us for quality, care and attention to detail, so even when they are shopping online they need to find the same aspects.


In June, the new showroom opened in Milan, and you recently restructured the new London store in Bond Street…

These operations are quite connected to one another, the main concept is to keep updated with time, both in Milan and London we wanted to create spaces marked by a novelty, and in this occasion extend the old spaces; the flagship store in Milan in via Manzoni is also under refurbishment in August, to create a more inviting and appealing environment.

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