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Tecnology by on 25 July 2012

When we talk of fashion blogs you usually think of young girls posing in front of the camera showing off their looks and outfits.


The world of the web and blog does not consist just of the blogs, but it also illustrates the men’s fashion, showing and sharing the trends that not only appear on the catwalks or the most important trade fairs, but also on the streets and in everyday life.


So, here is a selection of male blogs, where you can gather ideas for your look, and see how fashion is lived on the streets in many cities of the world.


The Sartorialist is the most famous photo street style blog in the world, shooting people they meet all across the planet. It feels like having a tour of the streets everywhere in the world comfortably seated in front of your pc.


Jak&Jil is a photographic blog that, with a great quality and attention to detail, shows us mix and match from fashion shows, events, spy insiders of the industry and much more.


Put this on: a real guide to learn how to dress, what to choose, how to wear clothes.


Notes: the blog of one of the most important Italian journalists, Angelo Flaccavento, that with grace and wit helps us to discover new sides of male clothing, looking at different situations from a point of view unpublished and tremendously elegant.


A continuous lean: not only fashion, but lifestyle, food and travel in very personal blog very well maintained, with varied and interesting content.


Men’s reverie: italian blog dedicated to men’s fashion.


Face Hunter: a blog of street style photography that tells city and events through the faces and the looks of the people he meets.


Of course, in this list (which we will update) we need to add Quaderno di Stile Pal Zileri, which tries to give you every week thoughts (not only fashion) on some of the trends and news of the network and much more.

Opening picture | Jak&Jil

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