Interview with Alberto Gilardino at the new Pal Zileri showroom

News by on 19 July 2012

The new Pal Zileri showroom in Milan opened on 24th June and the special guest for the day was Alberto Gilardino, the twice worldwide champion italian footballer; first in 2006 with the italian football team against Germany and the second time in 2007 with the Milan football team, against Japan. It feels long ago since he started playing at the age of 16 in the first tournament with the team called Piacenza, he then played for Verona, Parma, Milan and he is currently playing for Genoa. Gilardino just turned 30 on 5th July and he expresses his mature charm that distinguishes also the brand Pal Zileri. At the event we asked him few questions, discovering his passion for elegance and shoes.

Alberto, what do you think about the new Pal Zileri showroom?

I immediately looked around  as soon as I arrived. It is very stylished and refined, I was surprised by the brightness of the space, thanks to the large windows, and the white walls. It is very spacious and makes the clothes stand out even more.

Why did you choose to come here today?
Pal Zileri represents first of all elegance. Normally during the year I rarely have occasions to wear formal outfits, as I have lots of workouts and transfers for the matches. Today it is a great opportunity.

This afternoon you chose to wear a formal suit…

I normally wear track suits or sportswear in general, so today I am wearing a blue suit, with white shirt and pocket hankie, all from the Pal Zileri summer collection. The most interesting aspect is that despite being a formal look I feel comfortable, it is very soft, at the end being comfortable is the most important.

Do you enjoy shopping?

I enjoy going shopping with my wife, she has great taste and always suggests the right outfits. In particular I have a passion for shoes, when I travel I always buy a few pairs as I like to collect them and reminds me of places I have been. In my look or in my job it is all about my feet!!

What do you think about fashion and football, two great Italian passions and two made in Italy that meet so often?

As sportsmen we benefit of our trained body which allows us to wear anything without problems. I am pleased that the fashion industry often chooses us as brand ambassadors. I think it is good for a young man to have as reference a footballer who has a committed and healthy lifestyle.

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