Pal Zileri celebrates icons of Italian lifestyle at their March event, hosted the newly redesigned store in New Bond Street

News by on 5 April 2012

The scaffolding upon arriving at the Pal Zileri store puts a slight apprehension in our minds, upon arrival… we wonder if yellow hard hats would be handed out on arrival to enter the store? Game for anything, I thought this might be a novel approach to an inauguration!
No chance! All is in order and a dashingly handsome Pal Zileri model greets us at the door, casually sitting on an iconic white Vespa! Have I not seen that picture somewhere before…Of course…on our invitation! and here is THE live version…Non male!!
A heavy glass door opens and a perfectly polished and groomed store awaits guests, friends and members of the press, extending a friendly and warm welcome into their newly redesigned store. I am told that the final parts were completed only a week before, so the store staff are beaming at finally being back “at home” in their ambiente.
The summer collection is displayed in groupings along the wood panelled walls, and hangs suggestively showing us how to get that whisper of style so alluring of Italian menswear…and I have to say, they do it best…a blazer hangs beside an ideal pale blue shirt, and next to that a sharp-cut pair of Chinos, a paisley linen foulard and the shoes…every detail is suggested.
As we get to the end of the store a rumble reaches us as we sit in the lounge area, where suits and the bespoke orders can be thought out in tranquillity…but not right now!! We see one vintage Fiat 500 after another draw to a halt outside the store and a selection of these cute iconic cars, line up, adding that touch of fun and life, which captures everyone’s imagination about Italy.
Talking to James, the stylish store manager, I hear the store has had a great first week and it seems that the layout and atmosphere suits a particular intelligence men have about clothes now – they measure not only what makes a good piece of clothing when it comes to the brands’ bespoke orders, but they appreciate the different ways in which they can wear a look. Men are looking for diversity and individuality again, and here every piece of the collection, gives a man his own independent style.
I can see that a Pal Zileri customer is given a self-confidence which is not a dependence which relies on the big, obvious fashion names. Here it is about choosing quality-driven pieces for their wardrobes, which are gently aware of trends…and they sure are gently aware of that Italian style, even down to the wine which travelled to New Bond Street from an organic farm in the heart of Tuscany.

Rosalind Milano Gallieni

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