The Apps for stylish men

Tecnology by on 3 April 2012

The world of applications available on iPhone and iPad is a dense informatic jungle. At the beginning of March there were 585.000 apps. It is not hard to find a disappointing or seless product. The advantages of their use are many: it is easy to consult them verywhere and at anytime, if they are chosen carefully they can also rescue unforeseen situations. The applications that should not be missed by a stylish man need to be chosen very carefully; the first one is “Organizer”, considering everydays’ many commitments. In fact you can write anything you need to and as much as in a piece of paper, and you can also insert images, use emoji, record and play back voice memos, and it’s also a calendar that collects festivities of 21 different countries. If in the morning you think too much at what to wear you can visit the “Men’s Fashion tips”, a virtual stylist that suggest the perfect look for any event; for the perfectionist that likes to get ready what to wear carefully “Stylebook” could be really useful: a real container in which you can add your clothes and accessories, in order to study in detail the outfit, an ideal time optimiser, especially when you are running late. Nowadays the relaxing moments are rare, it is becoming a privilege to have spare moments to read something and probably you would like to take advantage of the spare minutes while you are for example at the dentist. You can download “Style Magazine” dedicated to male reader containing interviews and editorials. You can also download the application of the blog   “ Menabo’ Parole di Moda” by Andrea Danese ,  one of the most followed in terms of men’s fashion, full of tips and new themes. At the end of a long day you should have a great dinner, in which the wine’s choice is key; if you are not a connoiseur you can find “My Sommelier”: it will suggest you which one to choose thanks to a series of parameters studied by the Association of Professional Italian Sommellerie.  As teaches etiquette the true gentlemen, and reflected the real seducer, is seen by his manners at the dinner tab.


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