Back to 20s: the spring is inspired by the roaring twenties and the Great Gatsby

Trends by on 3 April 2012

It has been the object of three remakes already; a silent one in 1926, then in 1949, then one on 1974 and a fourth planned for the end of the year. The history of the Great Gatsby, character made famous by Francis Scott Fitzgerald confirms and restates the charm of the dandy. Even if the movie directed by Baz Luhrmann (he also directed “Moulin Rouge” and “Australia”) will be released in a year time; we can see photos of Leonardo di Caprio on the set wearing styles from the twenties.


Fashion choices of this gangster, who became millionaire, are dandy and Hampton; we can see influences in the spring/summer 2012 collections. In 1975 the costume designer worn an award for the remake directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The colour palette is mainly dominated by light tones, from khaki green to the beige, butter and ivory.


As you can see from the pictures there are some distinctive traits of elegance identifiable with Gatsby: the straw hat, which has to be worn only during the day and must be in natural straw (and not colored); the fabric in gros grain colored and the three-piece suit, with the inevitable waistcoat. The jacket, in contrast to a trend in the last few years, must be soft, not fitted, and the fabrics used are linens and cottons. Top of Form Equally the pants are slightly soft and without flap, and bootcut and baggy cuts are never used: the cut is classic and follows the line of the body; the shoes are of course bicolor, preferably in burnt earth and caramel.


In the Pal Zileri collections there are dandy outfits, made with sartorial elegance, and a pinch of eccentricity, to follow in the footsteps of one of the most beloved characters in the history of the world of literature.

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