Summer colours 2012

Trends by on 20 March 2012

The block colours have reigned unchallenged during the past spring / summer, but fashion designer have certainly not given up the freshness of the colours for this season. Moreover there was a time before the French revolution that men’s wardrobe was very colourful; aristocratic preferred to wear extravagant clothes. Then from nineteenth century onwards, with the advent of the new middle class called Bourgeois and of the new business man, they preferred to wear more serious darker tones. In fact, during the spring season men preferred to wear lighter and brighter tones. The most desirable colour is green in all its shades: water, apple, bottle, and military; while yellow – mustard and lemon – and orange are already seen as more difficult tones to wear; though they can be easily worn with a white shirt and basic accessories. Pink colour and its shades are best worn as scarf, swim suit, handkerchief; while sandy tint, thanks to treated fabrics, seems almost devoured by the sun and evokes tropical scenarios. For the formal look the most desirable colour is grey, thus dumped in some catwalks shows, that it seems even dirty white; the typical blue has been swapped with the vibrant topaz blue that resemble the freshness of the deep sea. Just like Pal Zileri has been inspired by Ischia, location of the iconic movie “Plein Soleil”starring Alain Delon, so here the colour palette has been stolen from the beautiful colours of the island; the grey of the buildings is combined with pink and lavender of the flora, from orange to citrus. Navy blue and the blue waves are broken by yellow sunflowers and marine life, while the sandy colour revokes the life in a boat.Summer is certainty a season, but also a state of mind and clothes to wear.

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